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Everything you need to manage your business relationships with customers

360 degree contact view
Plan and schedule activities like calls, meetups , etc.
Manage and Store Leads, Contacts and Organization Data
In- app emailing and the app automatically keeps track of the conversation thread
Collaborate with co-workers by creating and assigning Tasks
Upload and Manage Documents

Store and manage all your
 business contacts in one place

A platform where you can feed in your potential or existing clients, partners, Users and other contacts data to organize and track interactions

  • Store contact information
  • Plan and track activities like phone calls, messages and meetings
  • Collaborate and work by creating and assigning tasks to co-workers
  • Upload and manage documents
Multi-Currency Deal Manager with Complete Life Cycle Management
Gamified Sales Leaderboard with Quests
Schedule and track calls, email, meetups, etc. with activity planner
Collaborate , Upload, Share and Manage Documents
Raise new request via e-mail and also send and receive e-mails from the application
Sales Pipeline Graph gives a summary of your deal opportunities

Sales Productivity

Get a quick summary of opportunities on the go via the dashboard, including potential values, where they're up to, and what needs to be done next.

  • Store deal information + Raise new request via E-mail
  • Send and receive emails inside the CRM
  • Add activities like phone calls, messages and meetings
  • Get a summary of your opportunities and where they are in your pipeline via analytic graphs
  • Collaborate, assign tasks and upload documents
  • Keep Users movivated with gamification
Powerful Ticket Module with Complete Life Cycle Management
Assign, collaborate and work with multiple agents per support ticket
Invoice your clients for your support service provided
Send and Receive e-mails from application and can also raise new support ticket via e-mail
Keep Consistent and Correct Answers accessible to agents via Solution Base
Log Notes, Calls, Meetups and other actions done with the activity manager

Support your customers

Everything you need to start supporting customers. Raise tickets from e-mail , track history and assign multiple Users to work and resolve the issue

  • Powerful ticketing + Raise new ticket via E-mail
  • Send and receive emails inside the CRM
  • Keep consistent, correct answers accessible with built in knowledge base
  • Plan and track activities like phone calls, messages and meetings
  • Collaborate and work by creating and assigning tasks to co-workers
  • Upload and manage documents
Manage products and services along with stock levels and price information
You can confirm the sale with your customer by raising sale orders / invoice
Manage vendors from whom your organization procures products and/or services.
Replenish inventory by creating purchase orders and also send bills to your vendors via e-mail
Stock automation updates inventory stock level when the order reaches a specific stage automatically
Personalize and send professional, good looking invoices and bills using the built in WYSIWYG* editor

Powerful inventory control and order management

With our powerful inventory control and order management features, you can increase sales and fulfill orders efficiently.

  • Manage products and their stock levels with cost and selling price information
  • Increase sales by raising sales orders and invoice your customers
  • Replenish inventory by raising purchase orders and manage billing with your vendors
  • Design beautiful invoices / bills using the built in WYSIWYG* editor
  • Manage vendor information
Create and manage multiple mailing list groups
Design beautiful e-mail templates using the built in WYSIWYG* editor
Tracks e-mail delivery failures and brings to the notice of agents

E-mail marketing made easy

Market your products and services in a easy way through built-in marketing tool. Send better e-mail , sell more stuff!

Create your own module and build your own form for managing your entity
Link your created module entity to any other existing module by creating a form field
Upload and manage documents associated with your custom created entity

Build your own data repository

Sometimes, the standard, predefined modules present in dinodesk do not always meet all your business requirements. In such a case, dinodesk lets you create a new module depending on your business needs.

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A unified customer-centric offering for the entire customer lifecycle. Apphub CRM is a pay-as-you-go service (monthly or yearly), so you can make changes to your plan whenever you need to.

Enterprise class features

Loaded with features to help organizations efficiently run their businesses

Customizable Forms

Make Apphub fit your business with flexible custom fields,mandatory/unqiue checks ,etc to match your business requirements.

Data Fill Templates

Templates help agents to fill up the form in just a click. The agents and organizations can set up multiple templates for quick form-filling

E-mails inside CRM

Connect your business e-mail servers using built in IMAP and SMTP settings inside the CRM to receive and send e-mails inside the CRM.

Customizable List Grid View

The flexible grid list view lists only necessary data required by the specific agent and can be filtered with field specific search and pre-defined filters.

Dual Role Management

Manage Admin / Agent roles effectively in a click which restricts permissions and rules respective to the entity which restrics view and edit access for agents.

Workflow Engine

Rule engine evaluates criteria whenever a entity is added, updated or deleted. It performs actions such as updating fields, adding tasks / activity automatically


Log deals and inventory in multiple currency values. An automatic currency converter converts to the default currency value set by the organization in a hassle-free manner

Collaborative Environment

Working online gives you the comfort of accessing and logging your work data from anywhere and more than one agent can work on the same entity. Agents can view and share all information related to the client

Invoicing and Billing

Invoice your customer and bill your vendor for orders sold and purchased from your inventory. Design your own bills and invoices using the built in WYSIWYG designer.

In-App Notifications

Collaborative environment is made possible when more than one agent works on the same entity . So in such cases proper notifications are triggered to all people responsible when agent in assigned , updated, etc.

Entity level timeline

A timeline keeps track of the entire action set performed on every entity inside the software to provide clarity of actions done and to be planned to the assigned agents and administrator

Analytical Charts

Built in with a chart drawing engine, an agent can build a custom chart and can compare and view analytical data inside the CRM. The chart engine provides a pie chart, line chart or a bar chart view to represent the graphical data

Unbeatable Pricing

Contacts, Sales , Support , Inventory and E-mail Marketing for everyone. No feature downgrading!

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A unified customer-centric offering for the entire customer lifecycle. Dinodesk is a pay-as-you-go service (monthly or yearly), so you can make changes to your plan whenever you need to.